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The Power of Prayer


Imagine being at the highest point of your life and finally everything has come together. My daughter had married her children father, my oldest son was in college pursuing his long life dream and my youngest son from my first marriage was on every major college list for football. I cannot forget to add to the list that I found the woman of my dreams and married her. My new wife and I had one child together which added to the three from my previous marriage.


    Things were going good in my life. Everyone that was in my immediate circle was happy doing what made them happy. Immediately after my wedding in June of 2012, we had the Honeymoon of our Dreams. We spent a week in Cancun Mexico. We stayed in an all inclusive resort with all of the amenities. As I take a glimpse at my life as a whole I was very satisfied. It is amazing how God can allow you to get a peek at those things that were truly meant for you and with a moment’s notice rock your world.


    My health was the only real thing that I had in my life that I owned and it was good. My blood pressure was fine, my cholesterol levels were almost perfect and I had finally managed to get my weight down. But when God is trying to get your attention, he will present you with a mirage of things not seen. Underneath all that appeared good was the absolute worst thing waiting. I found out that I had cancer of the kidney and that I needed to have an operation as soon as possible in order to live.


     One month after getting married my wife and I was returning from her family reunion and that’s when my life was turned upside down. I came home from the reunion and for the first time ever I urinated blood. When I urinated blood, it scared the living day lights out of me! My wife was in disbelief about the entire instance. She thought that there was some red punch in the toilet already and that there was no way that I could have put that amount of blood in it. The next time I went to the toilet my urine was fine. Since the red urine was not there the very next time I went, I began to side with my wife. I called my sister the nurse anyway to get her opinion regarding the situation.


     After the call to my sister she insisted that I go to the doctor and get the opinion of a professional. After several test, my doctor came to the conclusion that my right kidney was in serious danger and in order for me to go on living a normal life that I would have to have an operation. So I did just what the doctor ordered, I had the operation to remove my right kidney to remove the cancer that had grown there. I was assured that after having the operation that I would be able to lead a successful life and that there would be no side effects from the operation. I trusted the doctor and his ability to perform this simple procedure. At least he made me think that removing a kidney would be rather simple.


    My operation was a success. My right kidney was gone to be forgotten. My body was rather sore, but I was told to expect the soreness. The soreness never went away, in fact the soreness got worse. At times I needed assistance in doing things that use to be so simple. Things such as rising up from a chair on my own suddenly became a chore. My body ached all the time; I even started to lose more weight than before the operation. At the insistence of my family I decided to go back to see the doctor to let him know about the pain that I was going through. My first visit was a shocker to him. (click here to read more power of prayer)




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