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The Power of Prayer Continued:


Personal Testimony Continued


        Here we go, as I began to take the tea as a daily regimen. I noticed that within a few days of taking the tea that I started to feel better. The Guinea Hen Tea was starting to make me feel better! My energy level increased, the pain was no longer there and I felt as though my situation was improving. Prior to my surgery date my surgeon scheduled me to get another CT scan. In order for the surgery, my situation had to improve or the doctor was afraid of opening me up. My sister Juanita accompanied me on this appointment. As we sat there waiting on the doctor, we sat quietly. Upon the doctor entering the room to discuss my future, I was not worried. In my heart I knew that God had already worked it out. He walked in looking like he had seen a ghost. Before the doctor began to speak, I sat there with a sense of assurance. He could not believe the results that were before his very eyes. When he opened his mouth he said “the mass has gotten smaller we most definitely can perform this surgery”. He tried to explain why this had happened (the mass being smaller) but my sister interjected, “we have been fasting and praying, that’s what happened. God did it!” For some reason, I already knew that my situation had improved even before the doctor confirmed it.


    My faith in God is stronger than ever and I know that He places people in your life for a reason. My family and friends are near and dear to me like never before. I don’t have a lot of new friends because my old friends never left. Not to say that I don’t have room for new friends but the bond that I have with my old ones are really strong.


    My father died at the age of 44 when I was only 4 years old from the same condition that I had. We were all very fortunate to have our mother there to raise us. My mother has always been a praying woman of God and instilled her beliefs in us from the beginning. It is because of her that I have the family bond that we all know and trust.


    Although my family was there for me during my surgery, they were unable to be by my side during the whole ordeal. But my big sister stayed by my side. Since I am the only one of the nine siblings that lives in Atlanta, I am thankful for my sister Juanita being able to see me back to health. It has been 5 years since my surgery and I can say gladly with the grace of God, “I am cancer free”


I am grateful that the Lord has afforded me this opportunity to share my story.


To God be the glory!


W. Green III

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