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Personal Testimony continued:



Even with all of the encouragement that I was receiving from my doctor, I was still in pain. By this time I had a new insurance plan and my doctor was not a part of the new plan. In addition to the new insurance plan I now had a new doctor as well. My new doctor picked up where the old doctor left off.


    There I was starting all over again with a new doctor filling out new paperwork for an old ailment. Upon starting with the new doctors the news was actually worse than I could have imagined. My new doctor ran test after test trying to assess my situation. Finally, I was getting somewhere. My doctor had finally come to a conclusion! He sat my wife and I down in this little room and dropped the bomb! “Mr. Green, your cancer has spread and you only have a few years to live. Mr. Green we do not feel that it would be safe to operate without causing more damage.” My wife and I were not prepared for this news! Immediately after hearing the news, we cried like never before. There we were looking to hear good news that my situation was getting better, instead an absolute turn for the worse.


    I was torn beyond belief! There we were waiting to hear good news just to find that I was dying. For days I could not talk without crying! When others would try and comfort me, they would end up crying as well. I decided to try and work my way through this horrific time of my life. I remember like it was yesterday, I was standing in the parking lot with some of my co-workers and one of them asked me what was wrong with me, he said I seemed distant. The moment I open my mouth, the tears began to flow. This was new to everyone there; no one had ever experienced me being emotional. I could not help but to cry, the more I explained my situation, the more everyone there began to show signs of emotions. There we were standing in a circle of all men without one dry eye in sight. These guys cried with me and prayed with me and immediately began to encourage me.


    My friend Victor told me to pray to the Lord and tell the Lord what I need. As his eyes were filled with water he said to me sternly, “pray to the Lord and tell him what you need.” He went on to say other words of encouragement to satisfy my spirit. Victor is a praying man and he was in the right place at the right time. Although Victor had not said anything different than what my family has always emphasized, it was different coming from a friend.


Not only did I have the prayer of my friends and co-workers, my family was there as well. My family began to fast and pray in my behalf. They called on everyone they knew to join them in this prayer vigil. Due to prayer, my situation became clearer. (click here to read more)


Dr. J. G.  Johnson

Issues of Life Conquered




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